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July 14-17, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA

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“They laughed when I said I would speak at colleges.
But when I quickly started booking a ton of talks…& was
Selected 2-Time National College Speaker of the Year…”

Dear Speaking Friend,

My name is James Malinchak (2-Time National College Speaker of the Year) and, yet, you probably have never heard of me!

However, thousands of students and College Event Coordinators have heard of me because they pay me on average $4,000-$10,000 per campus to speak to their students…and many of them bring me back each year!

But don’t let that fool you because it wasn’t always like this…especially when I first started a few years ago. I won’t BS you and tell you that the first year (or even the second) I did 100+ talks and earned a six-figure income.

My first year totals were a measly 2 talks (that’s right…only 2!) and about a hundred dollars – barely enough for dinner and a movie after taxes.

So What Does This Have to Do With You?

Actually, a lot! Because…

I’m going to spill the beans and reveal everything I’ve learned over the past 17+ years to only a select few who are serious about making a six-figure income speaking at colleges.

I’ll be spilling the beans on how I started from scratch and went from not knowing anything about the college speaking market, wasting countless hours and thousands of dollars to becoming one of the leading speakers in the college market.

In fact, I’m going to lay it out in a simple “a-b-c” format so you can duplicate exactly what I’ve done while saving yourself an enormous amount of time and money.

“If you come to this Boot Camp, it’s the ONLY Boot Camp you’ll ever need for speaking at colleges. I wish I had taken this 5 years ago because I would have absolutely exceeded what I have done in the last 5 years. Absolutely, if you are going to attend one seminar, this Boot Camp is the one you NEED to attend!”  -Brendon Burchard, Author, The Millionaire Messenger & The Charge / Founder, Experts Academy

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 Why Would I Reveal Exactly How to Instantly
Fill  Your Speaking Calendar  With College Bookings?

The past few years I’ve received numerous calls and emails from speakers who’ve heard that I make lot of money speaking at colleges. I’ve always been willing to help anyone (I wish someone helped me when I started).

However, what began as a few speakers turned into many and it began consuming a lot of my business and personal time. I even started charging a $250 per hour consulting fee, thinking that if I charged a high fee, it would get them to leave me alone, thus freeing up my time. Wrong!

Out of frustration and time constraints, I was about to stop the consulting all-together. Although I felt terrible about not being able to share my unique strategies and techniques that I knew would instantly allow them to easily book numerous talks and make a lot of money, I just couldn’t continue to take time away from my business and personal life.

Then, a speaker with whom I was consulting with said…

“Why don’t you just put on a seminar and whoever is serious about speaking in the college market will attend and those who aren’t serious won’t waste your time anymore! Why don’t you allow only a select few to attend, say maybe 3-5, and charge a higher registration fee? That way you can weed-out even more who aren’t serious? And anyone who doesn’t want to invest in themselves to attend and learn all of your great ideas…..you don’t have to feel bad about not helping because if they aren’t willing to invest in themselves by attending then they’re probably not serious and are just wasting your time anyway! And, if you’re willing to put on the seminar, make sure to mark me down as the first one to register!”

“But I haven’t even decided what I would charge for something like this,” I said.

“I don’t care what the fee is,” he replied, “Consider me there because I’m serious about speaking at colleges and you know more about it than anyone!”

“Okay,” I said. “You’ve convinced me, I’ll do it!”

“I want to strongly endorse James Malinchak’s Boot Camp and encourage you to attend!…..It’s worth more than anything you will ever pay for it!…..If you’re thinking about taking this training, stop thinking, sign up and enroll now and in a year from now you’re going to be thanking me and everyone else who told you to come here! So do it now!”
-Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of the #1 Best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul & Star of the hit Movie “The Secret”

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Okay… it’s time to cut to the chase!
Are you ready to stop wasting your time and money and
get yourself on the FAST-TRACK to getting booked 
in the
untapped (and recession proof) College Speaking Market?

I’ll show you how – when you join me this July 14-17, 2016
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The Inside Secrets You’ll Learn at This Boot Camp,
You’ll Learn Nowhere Else…

  • Who the Key People Are at Colleges That Book Speakers for Campuses and College Conferences. Yes, there are key people who do this…A LOT of them! You just need to know who they are…and you will!
  • The 10+ Different Departments at Each College That Have Well-Funded Budgets That Can Book You to Speak
  • How You Can Easily Reach All of the Key People Who Are Already Booking Speakers at Colleges. There are several organizations that you can buy the contact information from. You just need to know who they are…and you will!
  • The 3 Best Times of Year for You to Contact These People.
    There are 3 times of the year when they are ready and eager to book speakers. Market to them during these 3 all-important times of the year and you can increase your chances of getting booked! Disregard them and you’ll probably be like I was when I started…NO BOOKINGS…NO MONEY!
  • The Most Effective (and Cheapest) Way for You to Contact These Key People…so you don’t waste time and money!
  • Which College Conferences Have Showcasing Opportunities for You. Many of the attendees can book you on the spot.
  • How to potentially get 3-4 Other Colleges to “block-book” You When You’re in Their Area…so you may get 3-4 speaking engagements when you take a trip
  • How You Can Get Rebooked by the Same Colleges EVERY Year, Creating an Ongoing Income Stream. (It’s not that difficult)
  • Putting Together the Correct Marketing Materials That Can Get You Noticed, Booked and Rebooked. Forget about putting together thick speaking packets, expensive demo videos and fancy press kits like certain speakers associations and, so called, speaker coaches teach you to do. You don’t need them!
  • Which Conferences You Can Attend for Maximum Exposure and Which Not to Attend
  • How to Set the Right Fees So Your Calendar Can be Flooded With Bookings
  • How You Can Get 3-5 Spin-off Talks From a Talk
  • Which of Your Products Students & Staff Will Buy Most
  • One Simple E-mail Strategy That Can Get You New Bookings and Can Get You Rebooked Every Year
  • Which Topics Are Most Booked and Why
  • The One Association List to Use with 15,000+Members Who Can Book You for Staff Development Trainings
  • …And too Many Other Strategies to List!!!

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Okay James, So What’s the Cost for Attending This Incredible Boot Camp?

Speakers who attended my previous Boot Camps (see testimonials above and below) tell me I’m CRAZY for what I’m about to do…

I wish there was someone who offered this type of FAST-START Boot Camp for the College Market when I began. Knowing what I know now, even if it were a stretch, I wouldn’t have hesitated paying $10,000.00 to learn everything I needed to know in ONE WEEKEND. Considering the $30,000+ (of money that I didn’t have) I virtually wasted on mistakes, learning the information for only $10,000.00 would have been a steal.

But you don’t have to pay the usual $2,997.00
because I’m doing something CRAZY by letting you attend for… FREE!

YES, that’s right….You can attend for FREE!!!

…..again, speakers who attended the last Boot Camps have been telling me I’m crazy for doing this!

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So, Why am I letting YOU attend for FREE?

Because this is my LAST ever full College Speaking Boot Camp that I’m teaching LIVE so I’m giving it away as my THANK YOU and APPRECIATION GIFT!  (watch the video below)

But, you must hurry and confirm your seat ASAP as we are just about SOLD OUT!   Click Here Now To Reserve Your FREE Seat

Deadline to Reserve Your FREE Seat: Friday July 8th at Midnight

YES! James..

I Want To Attend The Next College Speaking Bootcamp!

Since I’m acting RIGHT NOW, I understand I can come for FREE.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in the form below to claim your FREE TICKET to the College Speaking Bootcamp. Don’t delay or you could lose out. Register your seat right now today.

One Final Message To You…

Since 2002, I have been America’s Leading Authority teaching others just like you how to get booked in the most overlooked, lucrative speaking market…the College & University Market!

Whether you’re a beginning or an experienced speaker, I’ll show you SO MANY unique ways you never thought of to get booked and rebooked.

Don’t believe me?  Read what speakers just like YOU say about my information after they attended!  (see above and below)

Click Here Now To Reserve Your FREE Seat and let me show you how can book more talks and become a Big Money Speaker®! You can do it, and you can do it now!

To your wealth,

James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot Camp

James’ Boot Camp is worth at least $50,000 to my business! Don’t sit there and procrastinate. Sign up! You won’t regret it and will be thankful that you did!”
-Sandra Aker (San Clemente, CA)

This seminar could easily go for $10,000…easily!
If you land just a few talks you’ve already paid for it. The information James provides is priceless!”
-Aaron Davis (Lincoln, NE) • NSA Member

I Was Skeptical – But Then I Was Blown Away!  As a New Yorker I am a skeptic. I was skeptical coming here, but I have to tell you that I have learned more here about marketing and publicity than I ever thought I would. I have been BLOWN AWAY and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND and Program that James does!”  -James Green (Shoreham, NY)

This is by far the BEST I’ve EVER ATTENDED!  I’ve been in the speaking industry for several years and have been to a lot of conferences. The 3-ring binder that James put together, along with the handouts alone, is worth more than the registration fee! There are SO many great ideas!”
-Bill Swetmon (Dallas, TX) • NSA Member

This seminar was worth 10 times the amount! There were literally hundreds of marketing ideas that work well in the college market, but also any speaking market!”
-Tim Piccirillo (Ridgway, PA) • NSA Member

Next semester will be our BUSIEST EVER!  There is absolutely NO question the Boot Camp investment was well worth it. I’ve told James that if he EVER has a skeptical potential attendee, tell them to talk to me before deciding not to attend!”
-Marshall Miller (Albany, NY) Sex and Relationship Educator

I’ve been through just about every seminar there is talking about ‘how to’…but nobody actually tells you how
to do anything!  This was AWESOME about actual practical steps …just going down 1-2-3…this worked…this didn’t work…just incredible stuff about actually ‘how to’ so we can walk out, and instead of just thinking about it, we can actually do something…it’s AWESOME!”
-Justin Lookadoo (Nashville, TN) • NSA Member

I think the price of the Boot Camp should increase because it’s REALLY worth it!  I am way more critical than you can imagine. Every cent I spent on attending the Boot Camp is very value-oriented!”
-Tim Cusack (Grand Rapids, MI) • NSA Member

Finally, someone who speaks the TRUTH about speaking and how to make serious money!  Forget about all of those other people who basically leave you unfulfilled. James is a GURU with a very real system for making a ton of money speaking in ANY market! James’ Boot Camp pays for itself 20 times over!”
-Tony Magee (Los Angeles, CA)

“The Boot Camp was ABSOLUTELY the BEST Speaker Training Ever!  As I’m writing the check for the Boot Camp registration,
I thought to myself, This is NOT enough money for what James has taught me and the amount of money he has saved me!
I’m referring 4-other speakers for your next Boot Camp!”
-Dion Jordan (Portland, OR)

“The Boot Camp is one of the BEST things I’ve done! I recently spent $15,000 on speaker training and I should have attended this first!”  -Dusty Robertson (Orlando, FL)

“Coming to this Boot Camp was the greatest thing that has happened to me in my speaking career!  Don’t miss out on this Boot Camp!”
-Fred Stokes (Vidalia, GA) Played 10 years in the NFL
Superbowl XXVI Champion with the Washington Redskins

…and Thousands of Other Testimonials…

Still not convinced…Listen to what Les Brown says (aka, “The World’s Leading Motivational Speaker” & Named One of the Tops 5 Speakers in the World)

And, Legendary Speaker & Author Brian Tracy:
(Brian has spoken to 5,000,000+ people in 70 countries)

And, John Assaraf…star of the hit movie, “The Secret”

And Joe Theismann…NFL Legend & Speaker who has delivered over 1,200+ paid talks:

 And Kevin Harrington (Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, “Shark Tank” & Inventor of the Infomercial)  …& Forbes Riley (The Queen of Selling on TV & Sold $2 Billion on TV)

PS:  This is YOUR LAST CHANCE to Attend! Don’t Miss this opportunity!

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